Scallop Imaging debuts M6-200 IP video camera

Boston, Mass., September 19, 2011Scallop Imaging's M6-200 IP video camera delivers up to 0.005 lux low light performance, at 15fps, without supplementary IR lighting. The six megapixel distributed imaging, panoramic camera is designed to deliver performance quality images under very low light conditions.

The M6-200 uses five highly sensitive, monochrome 1.2 megapixel image sensors, combined with high resolution f/1.7 optics and short shutter speedsfrom bright sunlight to 0.005 luxwithout the need for IR illumination. In addition, the M6-200 delivers a 720p HD video stream, at up to 15 fps that combines a seamless 200 degree field of view, plus up to four separate and instantly repositionable detail views, allowing simultaneous 200 degree situational awareness and detailed zoom views at the same time. The camera can also record the full resolution six megapixel image stream at one fps for recording and viewing later.

“There’s no longer any need to choose between high resolution, low light sensitivity, and short shutter speeds,” said Peter Jones, president of Scallop Imaging. “The M6-200 delivers all three, without using supplementary IR, delivering a better and much more useful view of poorly lit parking lots, business entrances, critical infrastructure, and other areas under video surveillance. Security is a 24 hour job - the M6-200 camera doesn’t take the night off.”