S2 Security's high availability solutions brings organizations new speed and ease for failover response

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. – Aug. 30, 2011- S2 Security Corporation (S2), the leader in IP-based integrated physical security systems, has introduced its High Availability solution for use with the S2 NetBox and S2 Enterprise integrated physical security management systems. S2’s new solution offers organizations a system that is easier to configure, faster to deploy and less expensive than second generation solutions.

The High Availability solution uses two network-connected systems in redundant configuration. Unlike competitive implementations, S2's High Availability option sets up in minutes and delivers 99.999% uptime with minimal administration. In normal operation, the two systems continuously synchronize, automatically failing over as necessary. Resynchronization after failover and repair is also automatic.

"Highly available systems are important for many of our clients for whom regulatory compliance creates demanding uptime requirements," said S2 Security CEO John Moss. "Organizations can set up S2's fully redundant system within minutes without special training, software or equipment. This solution is another example of how S2’s IP-based model brings increased capabilities and ease-of-use to organizations of all sizes."

Many other systems only move to a backup if the existing system fails, creating downtime and putting facilities at risk. S2's High Availability solution is a built-in feature of the NetBox Extreme, Enterprise and other large S2 systems (build 458 or later), and runs multiple systems simultaneously, ensuring that there is no downtime.

S2’s High Availability solution makes sense for companies in all sectors and sizes. It is fully scalable, offered in co-located and non-co-located versions and offers automatic and manual failover.
You can read more about S2’s High Availability solution in a Q&A with CEO John L. Moss (http://s2sys.com/news-events/q_and_a/).