Pegasus products now offers all-lighting cameras based on Pixim's new Seawolf chips

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. - September 15, 2011 - Pixim Inc., a leading provider of imaging chips for enterprise security cameras, announced that Pegasus Products has introduced four new cameras integrating Seawolf, Pixim's newest chip. Models include indoor box (PCC-WDR), ATM (PCCMINI-WDR), turret (PDCC-WDRT), and bullet (PVBHRDN-WDR) cameras. Rounding out the line, a new vandal dome (PDCVWDR-2812) will be added in October 2011.

Seawolf cameras by Pegasus Products are specified at an effective resolution of 690 HTVL and offer the industry's proven best wide dynamic range. In addition, Seawolf-based cameras require just 0.1 lux of illumination to produce accurate color images at a full 30 frames per second.

"All the lighting issues faced by our customers, whether its dim light, variable light, or high contrast light, can be solved by our new Seawolf-based cameras," reports Rich Morgan, general manager of Pegasus Products. "We are excited to be able to round out our camera offerings with these innovative, all-lighting cameras."