ZK Software's new lumidigm mercury-enabled LA2000 fingerprint terminal offers high reliability at lower cost

ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO – September 16, 2011 – Lumidigm today announced that ZK Software has added Lumidigm’s Mercury multispectral biometric sensor to the LA2000 fingerprint terminal, which previously has been available only with Lumidigm’s Venus sensor.  Compact and cost-effective, the Mercury sensor is a lower-cost alternative to the highly successful Lumidigm Venus sensor in the ZK LA2000, a fingerprint biometric terminal that has been providing award-winning multispectral imaging capabilities to fingerprint applications worldwide.

“Adding the Lumidigm Mercury option to our LA2000 represents an important breakthrough in our ability to deliver the multispectral imaging value proposition to more customers, more applications and more markets,” emphasizes Jaimin Shah, CEO of ZK Technology. “The Mercury sensor greatly enhances our ability to address applications where reliability and cost are major drivers.”

“Multispectral imaging assures LA2000 users that they will get a read on their first try,” adds Bill Spence, Lumidigm vice president, transaction systems.  “Lumidigm provides a more effective fingerprint solution that is based on using multiple wavelengths of light and advanced polarization techniques to extract unique fingerprint characteristics from both the surface and subsurface of the skin, providing results that are more consistent, more inclusive and more tamper-resistant — regardless if the finger is wet, dry, chaffed or dirty.”

The ZK LA2000 terminal supports 50 time zones, five groups and ten unlock combinations to make it a truly stand-alone access control reader.  TCP/IP, serial and Wiegand communication are available for connecting the terminal to a network or third party access control panel.  The terminal provides 1-touch 1-second employee recognition and has the capacity to store 8,000 templates and 200,000 transactions.  Multi-language firmware supports English and Spanish by default.  Optional French and Portuguese language support is available.  Multi-factor authentication options include card/PIN or password. The LA2000’s ABS housing is durable and elegant in appearance. It is available in two versions.

The ZK LA2000 terminal and Lumidigm’s new Mariner fingerprint reader will be showcased at ASIS, Lumidigm booth 2937 in Orlando, September 19-21.