AFI's hardened mini-switches add fiber advantages to Ethernet systems

Somerset, NJ (September 19, 2011) – American Fibertek, Inc.'s series of Ethernet mini-switches unleash the bandwidth, distance and speed advantages of fiber optic transmission for networked systems, with models compatible with single- or multimode fiber providing a range of transmission speeds. The four series of single or dual-fiber units hardened to withstand harsh conditions and extreme temperatures (AFI) feature power over Ethernet

(PoE) capability (802.3af 15 watts). The mini-switches also include diagnostic indicators to display system status.
AFI's 46 Series of 3-port mini-switches supports two copper and one fiber connection and supplies fast Ethernet 10/100Mb/s connections to allow transmission across more than two kilometers (about one and a quarter miles) on multimode fiber cable. The 48 Series of 3-port mini-switches (two copper and one fiber connection) provides triple-speed 10/100/1000Mb/s Ethernet and is self-configurable.
The 49 Series of 4-port mini-switches supports two copper and two fiber connections, provides triple speed 10/100/1000Mb/s and is self-configurable. The 50 Series of 4-port mini-switches offers fast Ethernet (10/100Mp/s) with auto configuration. The 49 Series and 50 Series is ideal for drop and insert or self-healing ring applications when integrated with AFI's Commander network communications center.

“Fiber communications provide multiple advantages for the networked systems that attendees are seeing at ASIS,” said Jack Fernandes, CEO and President of AFI. “Our mini-switches provide an important component to expand the capabilities of Ethernet connectivity, especially for IP-based video surveillance systems, and we can handle any custom requirements that a system needs.”

For more information and free software demonstration downloads, visit AFI’s new website at, call 877-234-7200, e-mail