Aronson Security Group prepares for global growth

Sept. 16, 2011 -- Seattle-based Aronson Security Group (ASG) announced this week that it's preparing for the next steps in its global growth as it matches its services with the needs of clients. The company has formed a strategic development group within the firm, led by ASG's former business development director Nigel Waterton, that will focus on what it calls "extending ASG's global services." At the same time, the group intends to "provide increased value to security organizations."

Waterton now serves as vice president of strategic development for the firm and will be reporting to CEO Phil Aronson and sitting on the company's executive management team.

Aronson said Waterton was chosen for being "highly attuned to the current and future needs of executives in our markets." Aronson added, "He is already guiding our Strategic Alliance Program and has been intimately involved with our national and global client strategies."

Waterton said that ASG has seen a "phenomenal 10-year growth rate" of more than 30 percent CAGR, and he said the reason behind the growth was that the firm has been determined to provide real services, not simply resell technologies. Waterton said the company is expecting to continue its strong growth.

"We have positioned ourselves, by client demand, as a consultative integrator," Waterton said. "For example, we have a professional services group that has a bench of top level industry subject matter experts and internal technology expertise. ... We not only have the ability to select the right solutions, test those solutions, specify solutions, and recommend -- with an agnostic opinion -- the solutions that are right for our customers needs, but we also understand that security concerns are part of overall risk and business drivers for an organization."

Unlike a traditional integrator that only resells and installs technology, Waterton said that ASG has added experts with the ability to provide organizational risk assessments, disaster recovery planning and business continuity assessments and planning. It's a mindset difference, he said, of creating partners and alliances, not simply customers, and it's part of an "overall change in direction of the security industry -- focused on business needs, not just the technology."