D-Link introduces four new HD IP cameras

Cameras ideal for remote monitoring and professional applications

Fountain Valley, Calif. – Sept. 19, 2011 – D-Link today introduced four new high definition (HD) IP cameras in an expansion of its growing range of IP surveillance solutions. Making a leap forward in terms of resolution and features, the DCS-3715/3716 and DCS-2210/2230 are ideal for remote monitoring and professional applications. The increased detail and clarity provided by their advanced image sensors allows businesses to reduce the number of cameras deployed and achieve more flexibility from their surveillance systems.

Vance Kozik, product marketing manager for IP Surveillance, D-Link, explains, “Our latest IP camera innovations highlight D-Link’s commitment to the IP surveillance market. We are excited about the future growth of the IP surveillance industry and the benefits which businesses stand to gain from the adoption of this technology. We continue to bring together our heritage of wireless innovation and track record in IP surveillance to create compelling products which address real business issues, add value, and meet market demand.”

The DCS-3715 and DCS-3716 Full HD Day & Night Network Cameras provide full HD resolution suitable for effectively monitoring areas previously only serviced by multiple CCTV or lower resolution IP cameras. They also feature a unique “simultaneous stream” capability which allows multiple users to log-in and view live H.264, MPEG-4, or MJPEG streams simultaneously, via a variety of devices including smartphones or desktop computers. This can be done easily and without disrupting the monitoring or video storage process. The DCS-3715 and DCS-3716 are easy to install, and will deliver clear megapixel images in the most adverse lighting conditions. When used in conjunction with infrared lighting, these cameras can see in total darkness through the use of their infrared cut removable (ICR) filter. For applications where even greater detail is needed, the DCS-3716 implements a 3 megapixel CMOS sensor and supports Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) to improve the clarity of backlit subjects.

The D-Link DCS-2210 Full HD Cube (PoE) and DCS-2230 Full HD Cube (Wireless N) Network Cameras are versatile surveillance solutions also capable of capturing high-quality full HD video and stills. Suitable for the small home/small office, both cameras include a built-in microphone and speaker for two-way communication. A built-in passive infrared (PIR) sensor improves motion detection accuracy. Equipped with their own web interface, D-Link HD Cube cameras can be accessed remotely from anywhere over the Internet using a 3GPP-enabled mobile device. These cameras also implement an electronic pan/tilt/zoom (ePTZ) feature, which permits the selection of a target region for close-up viewing simply by clicking on the video feed displayed in a browser.

The IP surveillance market is growing rapidly. A new study from market research analysts Frost & Sullivan has shown that increased awareness and adoption of IP solutions is a major factor in this renewed growth. D-Link recognizes that enabling easy integration and migration from CCTV cameras to IP surveillance is key for customers. Whether organizations are starting from scratch, extending an existing IP network or upgrading from analogue CCTV, D-Link’s IP surveillance solutions can help achieve maximum value more cost effectively.

DCS-3716 Product Highlights

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