Iomega to unveil network video storage solutions at ASIS

Company’s StorCenter devices provide local and cloud storage capabilities

ORLANDO, September 19, 2011 – Iomega, an EMC company (NYSE:EMC) and an innovator in data storage solutions for small and medium businesses, today announced leading edge video surveillance storage management solutions utilizing cost-effective Iomega® StorCenter network storage devices that provide superior yet economical local and cloud video surveillance solutions for SMBs and distributed enterprises.

In conjunction with such security industry leaders as Axis Communications, Niscayah and Stanley, Iomega is unveiling the newest video surveillance network storage solutions for SMBs and distributed enterprises at the security surveillance industry’s premier tradeshow, ASIS International 2011, taking place this week, Sept. 19-21, at the Orlando County Convention Center. ASIS attendees can see and learn about Iomega’s network storage video surveillance solutions at the Iomega booth, #2285.

“Iomega network storage products with world class EMC storage and security heritage are taking a central role in today’s cost-effective IP-based video surveillance solutions for SMBs and distributed enterprises,” said Jonathan Huberman, president of Iomega Corporation. “With leading video management software, Iomega StorCenter network storage units are the low-cost, high-feature network storage alternative in the latest hosted video surveillance solutions that increase levels of security while improving operational efficiencies and saving money. Customers operating limited surveillance assets are no longer confined to using analog technology because of cost. They now have the option to reap all the benefits of cost-effective IP surveillance at an attractive price.”

Iomega Network Storage with Axis Video Hosting System

Iomega StorCenter network storage products have integrated the Axis Video Hosting System (AVHS), jointly developed with Axis Communications, the market leader in network video. The integrated AVHS client enables customers to store video files locally at megapixel resolution and high frame reates while supporting simultaneously streaming or batch uploading of video data to a secure off-site storage facility developed by their hosting provider.

Iomega StorCenter network storage devices with AVHS are designed for professional-level video surveillance with fast onsite camera deployments, which can be especially beneficial for organizations with many locations, such as franchises and bank branches.

The combination of Iomega StorCenter devices and Axis network cameras allows customers to select different recording and retention policies for both on-site and off-site video files, and also allows remote access for monitoring and configuration from any web browser. The solution enables businesses to leverage the power and cost-effectiveness of cloud services. Hosted video customers pay for only the storage they need, allowing them to grow their infrastructure without requiring additional capital investment. Deployment times will also be greatly reduced due to limited infrastructure requirements.

AVHS-enabled Iomega StorCenter network storage devices include the double-drive desktop Iomega StorCenter ix2-200 Cloud Edition NAS unit, which ships with up to 6TB* of networked storage capacity, the four-drive desktop Iomega StorCenter ix4-200d Cloud Edition, with up to 12TB of storage capacity; additionally, the new four-drive desktop Iomega StorCenter px4-300d and six-drive px6-300d, with up to 18TB of storage. There are also StorCenter rackmount models with the embedded AVHS client that offer up to 38TB of storage capacity.

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