OnSSI to showcase Ocularis v2.0 at ASIS

Orlando, FL (September 19, 2011) – OnSSI has created a new benchmark for increased security and lower operational costs with its recently expanded Ocularis
IP-video and security platform. On display here at ASIS 2011, Ocularis v2.0, provides significantly increased functionality to organizations from entry to enterprise levels and offers better value than other video surveillance solutions in the market.

“Ocularis v2.0 shows the true potential of our IP video and security management solution and how OnSSI is setting the pace with innovations that deliver tangible improvements to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes and structures,” said Gadi Piran, President and Chief Technology Officer, OnSSI. “The new offerings bolster our reputation for and strength in delivering intelligent security solutions.”

The latest release of Ocularis is offered in four different feature sets, all scalable to virtually any number of cameras at multiple sites. All include a complete video management system (VMS) for streaming, recording and managing an unlimited number of cameras at single or multiple sites. The Ocularis Client unified controller provides a simple and efficient interface for live monitoring and event handling, using a comprehensive set of forensics and evidence export tools.

The four new Ocularis feature sets are:

Ocularis PS is the ideal IP-video surveillance platform for organizations which operate in a single or multiple locations with a relatively small number of cameras in each.

Ocularis IS is a competitively priced IP-video surveillance and alerting platform, designed for multi-user active monitoring and supports integration with access control, video analytics and other 3rd-party systems.

Ocularis CS meets the needs of large distributed organizations with extended command and control needs. Ocularis CS supports the VideoWall and OpenSight
add-ons, allowing the operation of video walls at multiple command and control centers, and incorporating camera streams from other Ocularis installations.

Ocularis ES is intended for very large and complex multi-site installations, it incorporates a central video recording system management utility, which eliminates much of the complexity of managing many hundreds and thousands of cameras at multiple sites.

By incorporating multiple video intelligence and automation tools, Ocularis significantly increases the productivity of the entire security operation. As a result, fewer operators are required to manage increasingly larger camera arrays, reducing operating costs and maximizing return on investment.

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