Agent Vi enhances video analytics with Vi-Search and Vi-System

Tel Aviv, September 13, 2011–Agent Vi release two new versions of its video analytics solutions–Vi-Search 2.0 (video search and analysis solution) and Vi-System (real-time detection and alert solution).

Vi-Search 2.0, designed to index and analyze surveillance video for rapid and automated search for specific events and targets in the video, features “offline search” capabilities, whereby pre-recorded video clips from virtually any source can be imported into Vi-Search. This offline search functionality allows forensic investigators to perform automated analysis of existing video sources, saving significant time and labor associated with manual review of recorded clips. Additional features include a new “site map” functionality, designed to project motion data gathered from individual cameras deployed at one site onto a complete site map. This allows retailers and other facility operators to gain a greater understanding of motion (traffic) patterns and trends throughout their site.

Performance enhancements in Vi-System Version 4.1 allow for improved detection performance in a variety of challenging environments such as crowded outdoor and indoor scenes.