Geutebruck launches 'Pilot' console

Pilot, Geutebruck’s new three-part management console incorporates the latest computer technology in a flexible modular design which takes individual operator comfort, convenience and performance to a new higher level. Stylish but sturdy with polycarbonate scratch-resist surfaces, Pilot/Center, Pilot/Joy and Pilot/Jog can be used as separate units or plugged together in whatever arrangement you want for the easiest right- or left-handed operation.

Instead of inflexible specialist firmware, Pilot uses miniaturised PC technology and a Windows 7 operating system. This combined with a 800 x 480 pixel 7” TFT touch screen display provides much greater potential for customisation, achieving superb control and excellent ease of use. Keys can be back-lit in colours indicating different operational situations to provide the ideal overview for controlling a complex system intuitively. The USB connection and power supply design includes additional redundancy and security for operating and managing digital video matrix components like the GeViScope, re_porter or GeViStore systems. Pilot/Jog is ideal for extracting relevant picture footage and backing it up onto your desired storage medium via the Pilot/Center’s USB port. Pilot/Center integrates seamlessly into existing Geutebruck video security management systems via the network and alarm interface, and together with the Pilot/Joy joystick unit it constitutes the ideal interactive control unit for easy and effective video monitoring of complex operations.