Niscayah offers cloud hosting for video storage based on EMC technology

DULUTH, Ga., September 13, 2011 – Niscayah, Inc., today announced their Nimbus 24/7 Secure Video Hosting service, a new secure cloud hosting offering for video storage that is based on EMC storage technologies. This managed service will allow end-user’s to improve their security program while reducing their overall cost of maintaining their security program.

The Nimbus 24/7 Secure Video Hosting service leverages EMC’s ATMOS cloud storage and local network attached storage (NAS) devices from Iomega Corporation, an EMC company, enabling scalable growth of the secure video hosting platform. Launched earlier this year, the Nimbus 24/7 offering is built around video technology from leading CCTV solutions manufacturer Axis Communications, including its AXIS Video Hosting System (AVHS) server software and surveillance cameras.

"What makes this solution unique versus most of the other offerings in the marketplace is the sophistication, agility of the solution and the levels of security," said Ed Meltzer, Director of Cloud Hosting Programs at Niscayah. "We have a competitively priced offering that is the most secure and reliable solution in the market today."

The onsite network storage devices from Iomega are also much less expensive than those specifically designed for security applications, resulting in end users having increased on-site storage at a fraction of the cost. The Iomega StorCenter network storage units featured in the Niscayah Nimbus 24/7 video hosting service include double-, quad- and six-drive storage models from the Iomega StorCenter ix Cloud Edition series and the Iomega StorCenter px series, ranging from 2TB up to 18TB of storage capacity. These cost-effective desktop NAS units utilize EMC world class storage and security technologies to bring enterprise features to SMBs and distributed enterprises.

"Niscayah’s Nimbus 24/7 video hosting service incorporating Iomega’s award-winning StorCenter network storage units with the integrated AVHS solution delivers an advanced yet economical solution for today’s SMBs and distributed enterprises," said Jonathan Huberman, president of Iomega Corporation. "Eliminating the need for expensive and complex DVRs, as well as reducing the necessity of elaborate onsite infrastructure for low camera count deployments, gives Niscayah customers a more secure, highly available and cost-effective solution for their video surveillance needs."

"We feel we’re getting the benefit of a best-in-class solution from a security technology point of view working with Axis and a best-in-class solution from an IT point-of-view in working with EMC," said Martin Guay, President of Niscayah, US. "We’ve taken the best-in-breed of all three, the service provider, the security technology provider and the IT storage provider."

Niscayah will be taking its video hosting service to market through a soon to be announced national dealer program. In addition to providing dealers with substantial discounts on a wide range of security products, the program will also provide them with marketing materials to help them brand the video hosting offering as their own.

"From our perspective, it’s a fragmented market and we need to respect that and go to market through the existing dealer network that is close to those customers," explained Guay. "We receive the benefit of getting closer to customers in a fragmented market and they get the benefit of having three, best-of-breed organizations putting together a strong business and security concept."

According to Guay, this offering allows end-users to shift the responsibility of buying and maintaining their own surveillance infrastructure onto a trusted service provider.

"We really believe that customers are looking for outcomes. When they purchase infrastructure to produce outcomes, they take major risks because they may not deploy that infrastructure correctly, they may buy too much equipment or they may buy so much that they are stuck with investing in legacy products," Guay added. "If we are allowed to host the infrastructure and the customer pays for an outcome, they really create great investments around operating expense rather than capital expense."

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