Veracity unveils new IP transmission products

Veracity is at ASIS 2011 - Booth #1479 in Orlando, Florida from 19th to 21st September 2011
Veracity will launch TIMENET PoE at ASIS 2011. This innovative NTP server benefits from improved GPS signal sensitivity and synch reply to bring total time accuracy to within one millisecond. Other new features include PoE Class 1 certification, a fully featured web interface and password protection.

In addition, Veracity HIGHWIRE POWERSTAR will be demonstrated on Veracity’s ASIS booth and will begin shipping immediately after ASIS. HIGHWIRE POWERSTAR provides up to 25 watts of power designed to serve even the most power hungry external cameras. The POWERSTAR quadruples the power output of its predecessor HIGHWIRE PLUS and delivers data and PoE over Coax to distances of up to 500m depending on the quality of the coaxial cabling used.

Veracity COLDSTORE will also be demonstrated together with SoleraTec’s Phoenix RSM system. Phoenix RSM (‘Record, Store, and Manage’) is a complete video surveillance storage management software platform, while COLDSTORE is a unique hardware platform designed for the video surveillance market. Together, these two products deliver a compelling solution to those organizations that need longer-term retention of their video surveillance feeds. Phoenix RSM is already integrated with key video management systems platforms including OnSSI and Milestone.

COLDSTORE’s innovative integration with Genetec - Veracity Video Mover software - will also be demonstrated at the show.

Scott Sereboff, chief executive, Veracity USA, commented: “This year’s ASIS will be one of the most exciting in Veracity’s six year history. Not only do we continue our tradition of adding new, innovative products to the transmission portfolio, but our COLDSTORE video surveillance storage platform is now being integrated with several significant VMS players. COLDSTORE is already finding a home with users in the United Kingdom and United States – it is also gaining inclusion in many large projects. ASIS offers an ideal opportunity for visitors to our booth to find out why COLDSTORE is revolutionising video surveillance storage.”