Pelco by Schneider Electric

Pelco to debut its SureVision technology at ASIS

Clovis, CA (August 15, 2011) – Pelco by Schneider Electric is announcing its new state-of-the-art imaging science, SureVision, which is making its debut at ASIS 2011. SureVision combines Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), low-light and anti-bloom capabilities into one highly intelligent technology. The result is a camera that’s easy-to-install and use, and handles light nearly as well as the human eye – automatically adjusting to deliver exceptional detail and the best image possible in even the most challenging lighting conditions.

“The introduction of SureVision fundamentally changes the conversation about megapixel cameras. The idea that the more pixels you have the better the image quality is no longer true,” says Scott Paul, Pelco by Schneider Electric Senior Product Marketing Manager. “It’s not the number of pixels that matters, it is the quality of the image. Video security cameras can overcome some lighting challenges, but when one scene contains bright, shaded and intensely lighted areas all together, image quality suffers. That’s why this technology – exclusive to Pelco by Schneider Electric – is an absolute game-changer when it comes to imaging science. SureVision handles light so well it outperforms cameras with a much higher pixel count.”

Available in Sarix IX Series IP Cameras and Sarix IM Series Mini Domes, SureVision sets a new standard for image quality, with incredible flexibility to integrate SureVision into any installation. Bright light, low light or intense shining light, SureVision can handle it all…automatically, simultaneously.