Next Level Security Systems unveils NLSS Gateway 2.2

New version of unified platform integrates NextEvent, NextIntelligence and NextConnect for powerful security management functionality

09.07.2011– Carlsbad, Calif. – Next Level Security Systems, a developer of a new breed of unified, networked security solutions, today releases the NLSS Gateway 2.2, an upgraded version of the award-winning NLSS Gateway product suite that includes the addition of powerful event-action linkages, forensic analytics and peer-to-peer connectivity, to provide users with more out of the box than previously offered by open security platforms. The NLSS Gateway 2.2 will be on display at booth # 2373 at the upcoming ASIS International Seminar & Exhibits, Sept. 19-21, 2011, in Orlando, Fla.

“The recent release of the NLSS Gateway 2.2 is truly the next evolution in security,” said Peter Jankowski, Chairman and CEO, Next Level Security Systems. “We’ve incorporated substantially innovative tools to improve performance and save bandwidth, while continuing to bring users the information they need in a format that is easy to use and understand.”

The NLSS Gateway 2.2, which integrates networked video management, IP access control, video analytics and intrusion from the ground up, features groundbreaking functionality that enables integrators to build business through delivering secure and easily accessible remote managed services to end customers. Users can tap into the inherent benefits of forensic analytics and clearly defined event management procedures to make quicker, more informed decisions. It also includes NLSS Remote Management Services, which draws on improvements in cloud-computing technology to offer more than other hosted service models currently used in the security market.


NextConnect is a groundbreaking addition to the award-winning NLSS Gateway and powers the Next Level RMS remote managed service package. With NextConnect, users connect directly from a remote PC to the local NLSS Gateway to interface with video, access control and other data. A secure connection is achieved through a central server to authenticate a user and the connection is made only to mutually trusted clients that are part of the same group. Video streams are more efficient because peer-to-peer connectivity enables direct connection from the client PC to cameras at the local site. Any subsequent user logging into the system establishes a direct connection with other users. This efficient routing of video and other data also reduces bandwidth and ultimately cost for the user. NextConnect also monitors system health and provides real-time alerts to reduce downtime.


NextIntelligence is the upgraded video analytics package embedded into the NLSS Gateway 2.2. It includes a forensic analytics tool that enables users to search through archived video using any analytic built-into the system. If video analytics were used at the time of recording, events generated are merged with the events captured with live analytics to streamline trends and reporting. NextIntelligence also adds three additional advanced algorithms including Dwell Time, Object Taken and Object Moved. The NLSS Gateway has a total of 10 built-in video analytics, which are offered at no additional cost or licensing fee.


NextEvent is the enhanced event management and linkage system. Event management queues automatically indicate high-risk incidents as priorities, lock critical events and restrict user-defined events from the event log. Users are also able to assign event status and record event note with date/time/user stamp, and assign multiple event filters. Incoming events can also be linked with specific actions. For example, an access denied alarm sets the corresponding area’s PTZ into motion. Users can choose from 42 pre-programmed events and 15 actions. NextEvent also offers enhanced search and viewing options

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