UK hospital migrates to IP surveillance

DVTel VMS solution to manage data from more than 160 cameras

The hospital will deploy 160+ cameras, 70% of which are new IP cameras, but all will be on the IP network. Some camera locations require use of High Definition (HD) technology where facial / vehicle identification at a distance was needed. Those locations use DVTel brand cameras and a small number of megapixel cameras. The new system provides video coverage of the entire Great Ormond campus including all critical patient care areas.

With the project just weeks from completion, Paradi is pleased with what he has seen so far, "The DVTel system is doing exactly what it is supposed to do. The other day I challenged the guys from CYS to do a test of the video search capabilities—they found the incident I was looking for in a matter of seconds."

Paradi and staff are excited about the future and the enhanced capabilities of their new security technology, "The DVTel system seems much more intelligent in the way we can organize and manage the camera views for what we need. This was illustrated in a demo, which convinced us that the DVTel solution was a better choice for how our security personnel would operate the system. Also during the demo, camera feeds were streamed to an Apple iPad where we could wirelessly view a real-time stream. Needless to say, that technology demonstration was impressive."

"The goal for our video system is simple: provide higher patient safety." Paradi recounted an example illustrating how far the hospital has come. "We had a large, temporary generator cabled into an important clinical building, and one night the cables were stolen. Luckily, this was before the generator was being actively used to back anything up, so the situation could have been worse. We had one of the old analogue cameras looking at the crime scene, and we couldn’t read the license plate or identify the people. Had that been a DVTel camera on the new system, I’m confident I’d have the information I need. We’ve got a lot of faith in what the new system will be able to do for us."

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