Iluminar introduces new LED infrared illuminator

Iluminar, a specialist manufacturer and supplier of IR and white light illuminators and license plate recognition products, in response to the growing demand for 24 hour surveillance, brings to market the IR312 Series. The 850 nanometer infrared illuminator is equipped with LED technology and offers a field of illumination of 60 degrees. Its control element ensures a high level of thermal management which translates into efficient power use and long life.

The IR312 Series, which is available worldwide, comes with an integral three meter (9ft) power lead and is available in 10, 30, 60, 100 and 120 degree field of views. Installation is quick and easy. Input voltage is 12-32V DC/ 24 V AC auto sensing, and the unit is ready to go when low power is applied. Encased in an anodized aluminum housing, the illuminator is fitted with a black powder-coated ‘U’ mount.

Eddie Reynolds, co-owner and President of Iluminar, notes that “The IR312 Series is a simple, no-nonsense, unit that delivers the 24/7 illumination quality that installers need. It’s efficient and effective and super easy to install. They mount the unit, apply low power, adjust the power and switching point, if needed, or attach a telemetry connection, and it’s good to go.”

There are two adjustment settings on the IR312 Series. One allows the intensity of the power (light output) to be adjusted as needed, which is especially useful at sites where full range isn’t needed. The other is for adjusting the unit’s photocell, which facilitates basic dawn/dusk on/off switching. The unit is also equipped with a connection for external remote switching, which most installers prefer and can be done via telemetry with a volt-free contact. The photocell on this unit is strategically placed on the top of the casing. Because the illuminator will be facing down, it will be exposed and well able to measure ambient light levels.