Infinova debuts its new V3061 Series DVRs

MONMOUTH JUNCTION, NJ – June 14, 2011 – Infinova today announced that its new generation V3061 Series digital video recorders integrate multiple technologies including embedded systems, network and storage. Besides providing H.264 video and G.711A audio compression, they support a maximum of 16 channel local video input with video looping and 16 channels of audio input. Both PAL and NTSC are supported. Dual H.264 streaming encoding is available for each analog channel with up to 4CIF on every major stream. The new DVRs provide video authentication with watermark technology.

"As embedded DVRs, the V3061 Series provides improved storage, speed, resolution and picture quality versus standalone DVRs," explains Mark S. Wilson, Infinova vice president, marketing. "With its integrated hardware architecture that puts all functions, including video and audio compression, display, networking and storage, on a single board, the V3061 Series DVRs provide the level of reliability that our integrators are demanding for their customers."

The new recorders support USB2.0 high-speed backup, easy mouse and keyboard operation, and composite streams and video stream encoding. In composite stream encoding, audio and video are synchronized.

They provide motion detection, video mask detection, video loss detection and detection of video input abnormalities. Multiple recording types include manual, scheduled, alarm, motion detection, motion or motion alarm, and motion and alarm. Alarm inputs include hard disk full, illegal access, network unavailable, IP conflict, hard disk error, video exception and video output standard mismatch. With the new DVRs, it is easy to adjust resolution, code flow, frame rate and image quality.

The V3061 Series DVRs can work independently at a local site and as part of a powerful security network. Security management especially in finance, public security, military, telecommunications, traffic, power stations, education and water projects will appreciate their increased stability.

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