Master Lock rolls out new global safety padlocks

(MILWAUKEE, WIS.) — June 8, 2011 — Master Lock Company has introduced the world’s first global safety padlock designed specifically for lockout applications, identification, weather resistance and keying capabilities. Multi-national corporations needing a consistent global safety lockout program can benefit from the unique features of the S31 key retaining and S33 non-key retaining global safety padlocks.

The S31 and S33 safety padlocks have shackles that are 4.76 mm (3/16”) in diameter, which can be applied to smaller lockout points on machinery often found in Europe, Australia and Asia. No longer is there a need to research and spec a different padlock for different facilities around the world.

Not only are the new shackles designed for global lockout points, but they are also constructed of marine grade 316 stainless steel to provide superior shackle corrosion resistance. The thermoplastic body withstands chemicals, moisture, UV and extreme temperatures. Padlock bodies are specially designed to operate at temperatures up to 350° Fahrenheit (+176° C) and down to 70° below zero (-56° C). Whether it is off the coasts of Australia or in the potash mines of Saskatchewan, Canada, the new S31 and S33 padlocks will stand up to any environmental challenge.

In addition, the new S31 and S33 safety padlocks offer global options to ensure clear worker identification. Adhesive write-on identification labels are available in the following languages: North American English, Spanish and French; Chinese, European French and Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese, German, Italian, Flemish, Czech and Polish. For an increased level of worker identification, the new S142 photo identification label can be used. More permanent identification for the S31 and S33 padlocks can be obtained by laser engraving up to 3 lines of text on the sides (compared to 1 or 2 lines on most padlocks), with room for up to 5 lines on the padlock faces in any language.

"We are very excited to offer the new S31 and S33 global safety padlocks. While our safety padlocks always enable users to meet OSHA safety requirements easily and effectively, these new safety padlocks address growing global safety lockout needs," said Todd Morrison, Master Lock Product Manager. "The new S31 and S33 global padlocks are designed specifically to address lockout application, worker identification, weather resistance and keying system needs found throughout the world."

Multiple keying options are available to ensure optimal key integrity and provide various options needed by customers. The keyways are designed exclusively for safety lockout and key charting/record keeping services are available to prevent key duplication. Weighing just 3 ounces, both the key retaining S31 padlock and the non-key retaining S33 (for group lockout) are superbly suited for jobs requiring workers to carry multiple padlocks along with lockout devices. Users can choose from 9 padlock bodies.

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