EverFocus to use Theia megapixel lenses

Security camera lens maker Theia Technologies announced this week that its megapixel lenses will be used in new HDcctv and IP camera models from Taiwan-based surveillance equipment manufacturer EverFocus.

According to a statement Theia’s new auto-iris lenses will be used in Everfocus’ EQH5200 series HDcctv and EAN3200 series IP cameras, which will be released later this month at ASIS.

These two lenses, along with Theia’s SY110A lens are now offered as optional accessories across EverFocus’ portfolio of megapixel box cameras.

"In addition to superlative image clarity, to fully leverage the capability of megapixel cameras to deliver greater pixel/foot resolution, virtual pan/tilt/zoom and the inherent ability to cover much larger areas with a single camera, one requires distortion free lenses with very short focal lengths for wider views," said Alan Schwartz, HDcctv Product Manager at EverFocus. "Theia’s unique technology creates ultra wide views without the fish-eye effect one would normally expect from focal lengths of less than 2mm. The end result eliminates any need to compromise image quality to achieve the benefit of lower equipment cost per foot or degree of covered field of view."