Dragon Steel Corporation deploys megapixel IP video cameras

Arecont Vision cameras monitor production processes, ensure safety at Taiwan plant

The picture quality and digital zoom capabilities of Arecont Vision cameras far exceed analog technology and allow Dragon Steel's managers to retrieve usable video. An attribute of the Arecont Vision cameras is the ability to install fewer cameras while capturing video of larger areas. Combined with recent cost reductions in NVR storage and network switches, the use of fewer cameras allows customers to deploy high-quality video surveillance with the highest levels of cost efficiency. Additionally, the use of megapixel cameras dramatically decreases costs related to other system elements, such as fewer software licenses, fewer lenses and a decrease in man-hours needed to bring it all together.

For Dragon Steel, the megapixel system provides superior screen displays, remote transmission and convenience of operation. Operators within the corporate network have direct system control via remote workstations anywhere an Internet connection is available.