Elk adds Navigator keypad, 2-way wireless technology to its M1 control products

Hildebran, North Carolina: April 5, 2011 -- Elk Products, a leading manufacturer of security and control products, announces two state-of-the-art upgrades to their family of M1 control products. New M1 additions include revolutionary 2-way wireless technology and an elegant Navigator touchscreen keypad.

Says Todd Hudson, Director of Sales and Marketing for Elk Products, "The M1 is providing solutions for a wider range of commercial and residential markets as installers embrace the flexibility and capability it offers. ELK is continuing that momentum by adding key additions to the M1 family; our own 2-way verified wireless technology and the Navigator, a very attractive and economical touchscreen keypad."

ELK's 2-way wireless technology has unique benefits that vastly increase the overall reliability of this wireless system, such as acknowledgement between devices to confirm that signals get through and logic to repeat a missed transmission. Random frequency hopping ensures signal diversity and provides anti-jamming capability. RF power level is constantly monitored and adjusted to deliver a clear signal while maximizing battery life. To simplify installation, wireless devices contain LEDs that indicate battery status and signal quality.

ELK's 2-way sensors can secure large premises with a network of M1 receivers.

ELK's new touchscreen keypad, the Navigator, benefits both the end-user and the installer. End-customers will enjoy elegant styling with a 3.5-inch color display and intuitive easy to use menus for security and automation. Installers will benefit from these new features in several ways, including simplified keypad programming and fast touch response. Installers can customize the home screen with their logo and easily connect the Navigator through the M1/EZ8 data bus.

Overall, the Navigator is an outstanding value for both the installers and their customers.

The ELK Navigator and the first release of 2-way wireless products will be available through all ELK sales channels starting Summer 2011. A wide assortment of additional wireless products will follow.