Videx releases new electronic lock and key catalog

CORVALLIS, OREGON, May 18, 2011 — Videx has released a new catalog that is packed with helpful information on CyberLock electronic locks and intelligent padlocks. The catalog is FREE and includes an instructive CD on electronic lock and key technology. CyberLock brings electronic access control and audit tracking to mechanical locks simply by removing the lock's cylinder and replacing it with a CyberLock electronic cylinder. The catalog covers just about everything you've wanted to know about this type of access technology.

With over 270 lock cylinder designs to choose from, CyberLock electronic cylinders can be installed in lock hardware on everything from doors to cabinets to cargo containers and underground utility vaults . . . nearly anywhere a mechanical lock is present. Installation does not require any wiring or structural changes. For your free catalog and CD, please contact Videx at (541) 738-5500 or by email at You can also visit the Videx web site at: