Visonic announces upgrades for its PowerMaster alarm system, RealAlarm solution

Tel Aviv, Israel – May 23, 2011 – Visonic Ltd., a leading developer and manufacturer of cutting-edge home security and safety systems and components, today announced the availability of a new release for its PowerMaster alarm system and RealAlarm solution. Launched in the beginning of 2011 and based on Visonic’s groundbreaking PowerG technology, PowerMaster and RealAlarm deliver industry-leading robustness, performance, range, ease of use and cost-saving management tools. The new addition of a siren network, fire and panic alarm verification, instant image capture and on-demand images enhances user value and enables central monitoring stations to expand and improve their service offerings.

Siren Network scares burglars and helps save lives:

PowerMaster alarm systems can now be upgraded to include a siren network. When an alarm occurs -- whether triggered by burglar, fire, panic, or a safety device, all smoke detectors leverage their built-in buzzers to sound an alarm. This is a powerful, cost-saving and lifesaving application for large premises. In case of fire, the siren network is the optimal warning for clearing premises before a fire spreads.

Fire and Panic Alarm Verification reduces false alarms and improves response decisions:

RealAlarm PIR cameras capture images upon motion detection. Now, they can be configured to take pictures during any type of alarm: fire, panic, duress, and emergency. The images are sent to the central monitoring station, enabling personnel to correctly assess the situation before making response decisions. In addition, some fire departments give higher priority to verified calls. With fire alarm verification, central monitoring stations can provide their customers with faster, more accurate responses to emergencies. Moreover, this upgrade reduces central monitoring stations’ costs by eliminating responses to false alarms.

Not a second is missed with Instant Image Capture:

To enhance RealAlarm’s image verification performance and reliability, the system’s PIR cameras can now capture the actual moment of alarm detection. This guarantees snapshots of fast-moving intruders which could theoretically evade the cameras.

Configurable, On-demand Images:

Central monitoring stations can now request to receive images from the RealAlarm system on demand. This feature comes in handy when there is a need to see the premises’ interior regardless of whether an alarm was triggered. The on-demand feature is configurable and can be disabled during installation to protect privacy.

"With the new features we have introduced to PowerMaster and RealAlarm, everyone in the security services chain benefits,” commented Laila Arad-Allan, Visonic’s VP Marketing. "Homeowners can be more confident in the effectiveness of their home security systems; security monitoring services can eliminate the costs of unnecessary responses to false alarms; and police and emergency services can better direct their resources to where they are truly needed."