Verint launches Nextiva 6.2

Verint’s Nextiva Video Management software offers open platform video management software with an intuitive user interface optimized for video visualization and operator efficiency, an ultra-thin web client for remote viewing, and advanced setup tools to streamline deployment and maintenance.

Specifically designed for retail, financial, enterprise and critical infrastructure applications, the latest enhancements include expanded multisite capabilities with improved scalability and redundancy and with no single point of failure.

Organizations can leverage Nextiva’s many advanced capabilities across thousands of sites, with the confidence that the impact of any failure or event at a given location will be contained to that site and not affect their overall security operation.

Using the Nextiva Multisite feature, users can effectively collaborate across sites/locations or monitor all configured sites from one location, making your video security system look like a single unified solution.

With its distributed open architecture, breadth of supported integrations, and emerging industry standards, Nextiva is the platform of choice for large decentralized environments.

All-new design

An intuitive user interface optimized for video visualization and operator efficiency. Customizable views to meet operator needs and corporate standards.

IT/network friendly

Running on commercial off the shelf servers, Nextiva VMS can leverage VMware to easily deploy a virtualized environment and lower total cost of ownership on technology assets. An ultra-thin web client for remote viewing with "zero-install" requirements simplifies deployment of larger, distributed user bases.

Faster, more effective communication

Simultaneously monitor any site from within a single session. Sites can operate autonomously allowing centralized, collaborative, or mixed operation.

Heightened efficiency.

Enhanced scalability and redundancy, combined with the flexibility to create a monitoring infrastructure that best suits the organization’s needs and makes the best use of staff to reduce labor costs.

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