Roger Williams University implements new identity management solution

Johnson Controls chosen to tie together school's disparate systems

The Johnson Controls P2000 system, originally installed in 2006, was expanded to the new facilities and now provides access monitoring and control for all 65 buildings on campus. Over 500 card readers and more than 50 surveillance cameras installed across campus are integrated with the system. A Johnson Controls Metasys(r) building management system provides monitoring and control of HVAC equipment across the campus.

Better protecting people, property and assets

In addition to operational efficiency, the identity management solution helps the university maintain and improve internal policies and procedures related to the physical security of all personnel, property and assets. Improved accuracy of access assignments means only the right people are in certain places at certain times, which improves not only security but also accountability.

Upon completion of the new dormitory, the university implemented a five-swipe access policy. Students are required to swipe their card first to access the building, second their floor, third their wing, fourth their suite, and finally their room. "Managing this type of access scheme manually would be astronomical and any errors would quickly be compounded," says Dallaire.

"On a similar note, when students opt to change housing we can quickly and accurately change housing assignments and even allow them access to both dorm rooms for a limited time during their move. We have a lot of customers to please. Students, faculty and staff expect to be able to get where they need to be. When they can't it's a problem, so reducing the chance of human error is critical to both security and customer satisfaction."

Efficient and accurate access control is equally important in the academic buildings. These buildings house rooms like computer labs, video editing suites, a multi-media room and green-screen room, all of which are controlled electronically. "Imagine the key management of these facilities to accommodate the very diverse access needs of our students or the added cost to have personnel monitor the buildings. The identity management system allows us to provide electronic access automatically based on enrollment records, eliminating the need to manually program the security system. This is especially beneficial when you consider thousands of students, whose needs can frequently change as they add or drop classes or need intermittent access to resources.
The system makes these changes much more immediate and efficient," says Pangborn.