Florida luxury condos deploy hybrid surveillance system

IRVINE, CA, November 11, 2009 -- When Standard Oil Company magnate Henry Flagler first built what is today the Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach, Florida, the surveillance system consisted primarily of the eyes of his security guards.

Nowadays, as the Breakers celebrates its storied history with the renovation and opening of two private residential developments, Breakers Row North and Breakers Row South, the security system has taken on a markedly more sophisticated and hi-tech edge.

Oceanfront Luxury

Breakers Row North and South offer posh amenities and luxury living, from exclusive golf, tennis and beach club memberships to large terraces overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Each tower houses fifty units ranging from 1-4 bedrooms.

Besides adding luxury, the renovation also enhanced safety. Aging coax cabling, time-lapse VCRs and monochrome CCTV cameras and monitors installed twenty years ago have been replaced with a hybrid digital system (combining both analog and IP technologies) made up 40,000 feet of newly installed CAT 5e wiring, 42 Toshiba IK-65WDA color cameras, two Toshiba IK-DP30A PTZ domes, and four Toshiba Surveillix HVR 16-channel digital video recorders. The HVRs serve as the backbone of this video surveillance network system.

Rick Seymour, CEO of CSI: Palm Beach, and his staff designed and installed the system: "Breakers Row is simply the most beautiful, well-appointed condominium development in Palm Beach, absolutely first-class. Management realized that the CCTV system did not match the rest of the property, so they made the decision to upgrade."

Out With The Old

Seymour's team first removed the old coax from its conduit and fished through new CAT 5e cabling inside and outside the building, including new runs into the pool area, the guardhouse and the two parking lots. An IR motion detection system, integrated into the Toshiba HVRs, was also installed to protect the community from intruders.

Thanks to the recorders' hybrid capabilities, the team at CSI: Palm Beach was able to install cost-effective Toshiba analog cameras. The versatile HVR records analog inputs at speeds up to 30 PPS with resolutions as high as 720 x 480 using a proprietary MJPEG compression method that minimizes file size without compromising image quality. As a result, the Breaker's analog cameras can be remotely viewed on a LAN or Internet connection and recorded digitally, just like with IP cameras.

"We saved our client a considerable amount of money by using Toshiba analog cameras and HVRs," said Seymour. "In addition, because the Breakers is not a spread out community, we only had to use the two PTZ cameras. This also helped make our bid more competitive."

Seymour chose to use the Toshiba IK-65WDA cameras for many reasons. For one, the camera offers minimum illumination down to 0.001 lux @ F1.2.

Additionally, the camera has RS-422 control as a standard built-in feature. Finally, its 133X dynamic range reproduces both very dark and very light images within the same frame, an important consideration that occurs quite frequently in the bright Florida sunshine. The two Toshiba IK-DP30A domes that CSI: Palm Beach installed feature PTZ, IR imaging and 216X zoom, along with a "snap in" design that makes mounting and connecting faster.

Each of the 16-channel HVRs has a 500GB hard drive for recording 3-4 weeks of video. Sixteen cameras populate three of the units while the last has only five, giving it room to expand. Toshiba software, included with the HVR, allows the Breakers security staff instant access for camera configuration, viewing, incident searching, and file exporting, along with remote upgrades and alarm monitoring. The HVR is also linked to the fourteen IR zones around the Breakers parameter. If any one of these zones is activated, local cameras go to the site instantly and are recorded at their highest resolution and frame rate.

Overall, the Breakers installation took less than four months for CSI: Palm Beach. Residents now enjoy the best of Palm Beach living while being protected by state-of-the-art security.

For more information and the name of a local Toshiba distributor, call 1-877-696-3822. Or visit www.toshiba.com.

CSI: Palm Beach is located at 1333 West 53rd Street, West Palm Beach, FL 33407. Phone: 561.640.0400. On the web at www.csipalmbeach.com.