Honeywell releases new version of Active Alert

LOUISVILLE, Ky. Dec. 17, 2009 – Honeywell today officially released Active Alert v4.7, the newest addition to the company’s portfolio of video analytics technology. In addition to its new features, including foreign language support and a centralized alarm management system that users can customize, the British government recently certified Active Alert v4.7 for use as a primary detection system for sterile zones in perimeter and critical infrastructure applications.

The certification —Imagery Library for Intelligent Detection Systems (i-LIDS) accreditation — is awarded to security products that meet stringent criteria specified by the United Kingdom’s Home Office Scientific Development Branch (HOSDB) for video-based detection systems used by the government.

“The video analytics technology space is quickly expanding, and with that growth comes the need for industry benchmarking and standards to validate system performance and reliability,” said Carolyn Ramsey, director of program management, Honeywell Security Group. “Achieving i-LIDS classification not only validates the quality and capability of Active Alert v4.7, it also positions the technology for global use and integration with even larger systems.”

Active Alert v4.7 is the latest version of Honeywell’s Active Alert video analytics offering, which can automatically detect, analyze, track and classify the behavior of people, objects and vehicles as they move through a scene, alerting operators to suspicious activities and allowing them to respond faster. Honeywell’s Active Alert achieved i-LIDS classification as a primary detection system for operational alert use. Achieving “primary”-level classification means Active Alert v4.7 is approved to operate as a standalone system without secondary support because of its reliable and high-quality detection capabilities.

Active Alert v4.7 is also now an i-LIDS-approved event-based recording system for sterile zone monitoring applications. Sterile zone monitoring covers areas adjacent to the perimeter boundary of a site that are typically free of people or objects. For these areas, object detection typically signifies intent to infiltrate the boundary. Receiving i-LIDS classification for monitoring these areas positions Active Alert v4.7 as a reliable and cost-effective solution to traditional perimeter protection methods, like beams and fencing.

In addition to i-LIDS accreditation, Active Alert v4.7 features language support for French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and German, and compatibility with Honeywell’s EQUIP Series of IP cameras. The system also now includes an Alarm Management Server (AMS), which allows security operators to monitor multiple real-time alarms simultaneously from a central location by connecting field servers through a single dedicated server. AMS features multiple analytics channels that work across multiple critical infrastructure sites, and is thus ideal for large organizations with geographically dispersed sites, including government and corporate control rooms or central monitoring stations.

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