Visonic introduces anti-masking motion detectors

Bloomfield, CT – December, 2009 – Visonic Ltd., a leading developer and manufacturer of home security and safety systems and components, brings advanced sensor technology to market with its Anti-Masking line of motion detectors.

While most motion detectors can be easily blocked, sprayed or obstructed – and therefore be rendered useless – Visonic’s Anti-Masking detectors alert the user when they’ve been tampered with.

The detectors include Visonic’s DUET AM C/O and DUO 220AM and the TOWER- 10AM, 12AM and 20AM. They each assure users that their motion sensors are working properly and are not accidentally - or purposely - blocked.

The DUET AM C/O is a professional grade commercial dual technology detector. Its Anti-Masking technology is superbly suited to those needing to protect the most critical areas. In the Anti-Masking mode, two normally closed relay outputs are available for alarm and trouble conditions. Additionally, DUET AM/CO can be operated with both Form “A” (normally open) and Form “B” (normally closed) relay outputs when the Anti-Masking function is disabled.

The DUO 220AM (MW/PIR/Anti-Masking) is a state-of-the-art, microcomputer controlled dual-technology intrusion detector. The PIR and MW technologies, when combined in a single detector, complement each other to deliver the highly reliable detection and false alarm immunity. Distinguishing the DUO 220AM from other dual detectors is its patented True Motion Recognition algorithm. This advanced motion analysis method enables the DUO 220 AM to differentiate between the true motion of a human body and any other disturbances that can trigger false alarms in other detectors.

The TOWER-10AM, 12AM and 20 AM intrusion detectors introduce revolutionary technologies that raise detection sensitivity, anti-vandalism and anti-masking to a new level. Anti-spray perimeter groves produce a diffractive IR beam pattern, providing an unbeatable defense against spray or lacquer. The TOWER-10AM (PIR) and TOWER -12AM (dual-technology) intrusion detectors are intended for industrial applications. They boast several revolutionary and patented technologies in conjunction with groundbreaking design and construction. They’re ideally suited to protect property from highly sophisticated and tough-to-counter threats. These TOWER detectors offer unprecedented detection sensitivity for an extremely large coverage area. They’re the ideal security solution for large industrial, commercial, institutional and government sites.

The TOWER-20AM-MCW wireless outdoor detector is designed to reduce false alarms in all outdoor applications. Its Octa-Quad technology uses eight Quad PIR sensors combined with patented optical and electronic signal processing that allows it to accurately and reliably determine if an alarm is justified. It works in conjunction with Visonic’s PowerMax advanced home security system to ensure a complete solution for full protection of the house, inside and out. Equipped with a strong housing and patented Anti-Masking protection, the TOWER-10 AM, 12 AM and 20AM-MCW all provide exceptionally high resistance to vandalism and masking.