Vicon makes improvements to its SurveyorVFT dome cameras

Hauppauge, NY, December 16, 2009: Vicon Industries Inc., a leading designer and producer of video surveillance systems, will introduce a new, progressive scan camera within its SurveyorVFT 35X zoom domes. The new camera delivers superior video quality in two modes (Normal and High Sensitive); it will be included in all in SurveyorVFT outdoor, impact-resistant and pressurized housings.

The new camera offers two features that improve performance in low light conditions. Digital Noise Reduction (DNR) digitally samples the video image and removes excessive noise. An enhanced White Balance menu allows the user to choose between “Sodium” and “Mercury” settings, specifically accommodating for those types of lighting.

The camera also offers a choice between “fast” and “slow” Auto-Focus modes. Fast Auto-Focus provides the benefit of an increased focusing speed, but Slow Auto-Focus often provides a more stable image when new objects move into a scene. Manual Focus remains a third option.

Model numbers and ordering information for the camera domes will not change. New cameras will begin shipping within SurveyorVFT 35X domes by late February, 2010. For more information on Vicon and Vicon products, visit