Napco launches IQ Vision intrusion detector

Amityville, NY, NAPCO Security Technologies, Inc., With today’s more discriminating clients Napco's feature-rich IQ Vision has increasingly proven a designer décor favorite providing not only good intruder catch and stability, but a ‘good look’ for many residences and businesses according to several local firms. A marriage of form and function – IQVISION, available at a distributor near you, provides advanced PIR technology and P.E.T. immunity that counteracts false alarms for reliable, worry-free, callback-free installations. It utilizes SSP (Signal Selective Processing) for stability and advanced EZ-Aim fresnel lenses and lens bank for optimum ease of application.

IQ Vision’s proven adaptive technology auto-adjusts 24-hours a day for continuous monitoring. 40’ x 40’ coverage and look-down/creep zone features provide superior detection directly underneath the sensor. 30lb. pet immunity ensures that our sensor recognizes the presence or absence of your animals in a protected area. Auto-temp compensation technology automatically adjusts IQ Vision’s sensitivity so you don’t have to. What's more, it easily mounts to walls/corners and comes with horizontal and vertical adjusts. IQ Vision also includes an attractive stylish tamper supervised case and EMI/RMI lightning protection using resilient SMD circuitry.

For more information or availability details on NAPCO’s IQ Vision or NAPCO’s family of products, contact Customer Service or your NAPCO Division representative at 1-800-645-9445 or email Please visit NAPCO Security Technologies, Inc. on the web at