Proximex announces availability of supplemental PSIM software

Sunnyvale, Calif. (Business Wire) – December 9, 2009 – Proximex, the leading developer of award-winning products for the physical security information management (PSIM) market, today announced the immediate availability of the Proximex Surveillint Productivity Suite. Included with Proximex Surveillint, this new Productivity Suite focuses on helping integrators and customers install Surveillint faster and easier by offering new templates, a configuration wizard and sensor management services.

“As an integrator, we feel our value lies in helping customers identify and implement best practices for security procedures and policies,” said Steve Rogers, vice president of LANAIR Group, LLC, a Los-Angeles based systems integrator. “By offering items like the Surveillint Productivity Suite, Proximex allows us to get Surveillint and the subsystems implemented faster so we can focus on making sure the customer achieves its business goals. As a result, customers get more value for their money.”

The Proximex Surveillint Productivity Suite offers new Business Logic templates that provide predefined actions and retrieval of related information for common alarm types, such as access control, intrusion, fire and video analytics. These templates automate best practices actions and deliver information direct to operators, allowing them to make informed and intelligent decisions based on a specific alarm. For integrators, these templates eliminate the need to program individual actions and activities. Integrators simply apply the templates to the sensors or systems within the environment and Surveillint begins monitoring for critical alarms. The templates provide a starting point for most environments, but can be easily customized to support unique security processes.

“PSIM installations have a reputation for being complex and difficult to install,” said Scott Dowd, vice president of services at Proximex. “With the new Productivity Suite, we’ve gone to great lengths to help integrators and customers take a logical approach to installing Surveillint and guide them through all of the different aspects of a PSIM installation. The end result is faster installation, configuration and production commissioning of Surveillint so the customer can see a faster ROI from their PSIM installation.”

The Productivity Suite also features a new configuration wizard designed to guide installers through each step of setting up Surveillint. This wizard provides contextual help and tracks the progress of the entire installation. Finally, new sensor management services automatically discover new and existing third party sensors without any manual action. This means that any sensors, such as doors or cameras, added to the underlying monitoring system(s) after installation are automatically discovered, placed in Surveillint and positioned in the right security zone/area with Business Logic policies applied to them. These services significantly reduce the long-term cost of ownership by eliminating the need for the customer’s administrative team to manually add new or relocated sensors to Surveillint.