Crystal Group debuts new firewall

Hiawatha, IA December 7th, 2009 Crystal Group Inc., a veteran-owned small business, designer and manufacturer of rugged, commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) custom-developed computers, displays, switches, and storage devices, is proud to announce the newest addition to the Crystal Group product family, the Cisco compatible RCS5510FW, Rugged 1U Firewall.

A firewall is a piece of software or hardware that helps screen out hackers, viruses, and worms that try to reach your computer over the Internet. Users in extreme environments can protect their networks from unauthorized access using the RCS5510 Firewall.

Threats to today's global networks include:

• Unauthorized network or information access- As military forces increase internal network connectivity and collaboration with coalition partners, they need to effectively maintain control of their vital assets to preserve their combat edge and limit exposure. New applications can increase automation and unit collaboration, but can also open dangerous security holes, if not properly secured.
• Decreased warfighter productivity and wasted bandwidth- Command Structures need to effectively manage the use of applications, such as unit-to-unit file sharing and instant messaging to augment combat productivity and reduce the possibility of being compromised due to connectivity.
• Unplanned network downtime- Soldiers need highly reliable networks that help ensure continuous operations for maximum effectiveness, including support for planned and unplanned upgrades. These networks must be able to defend against threats such as cyber attacks and sabotage from foreign entities.

In environments where performance, ruggedness, and reliability are imperative, the RCS5510FW is an ideal fit.

The Crystal Firewall offers extended capability with shock/vibe ratings for 3 GRMS in combined wheeled vehicle and aircraft profiles, and a temperature range of -15°C up to 55°C (5 to 137°F). The RCS5510FW provides networking services for small and medium-sized units. It enables businesses to securely deploy mission-critical applications and networks in a highly reliable manner. It can provide high-performance intrusion prevention and worm mitigation services through the AIP SSM, or comprehensive malware protection service through the CSC SSM.

"This product allows administrators who are familiar with Cisco's product, or who desire the security of the ASA firewall family, but who are not afforded the luxury of a datacenter environment to take their security to places unreachable before. The RCS5510FW can handle heat, shock and vibration at levels much greater than its Cisco counterpart," stated Chip Thurston, Crystal Group's Technical Director.

As always, each Crystal product comes with a standard three-year warranty. On-site, next day and extended warranties are available. Configuration Management is also available upon request.

Crystal Group Inc. is uniquely postured as one company with three business competencies. As a server/systems manufacturer, systems integrator and custom design team, Crystal Group is well positioned to quickly and cost-effectively address all aspects of their customers' projects. This three-tier approach is unique in the industry and allows Crystal Group to excel at the delivery of turn-key systems tailored to their customers' specific needs. For more information please visit our website ( or request that a Crystal Business Development Manager give you a call.