Crestron announces availability of DigitalMedia output cards, transmitters

ROCKLEIGH, NJ, December 4, 2009 – Crestron continues to develop its DigitalMedia (DM) line to deliver a complete source-to-display digital solution for any application. The newest DM output card is now available in 20 versions, expanding even further the capabilities of the modular 8X8 and 16X16 DM matrix switchers. The new DM-TX-300N and DM-TX-300N-F are 3X1 transmitters that accept and transmit any analog or uncompressed digital HD signals long distance over copper or fiber. Crestron DigitalMedia provides a seamless transition from analog to digital systems without redesigning existing systems or replacing installed equipment.

The new DMCO output cards are part of a comprehensive selection that allows numerous combinations of DM Fiber, DM CAT (twisted pair), HDMI, and now, stereo analog audio to be installed on a single DM matrix switcher chassis. With a dedicated HDMI output accompanied by a balanced analog stereo audio output, any 2-channel audio signal is available to feed an analog audio mixer, processor, or amplifier.

The DM-TX-300N and DM-TX-300N-F are ideal for use at a lectern, conference table or credenza to connect any multi-format analog video, HDMI, DVI-I, balanced or unbalanced line-level audio and SPDIF digital audio source signal to a DM switcher or receiver. The DM transmitters send uncompressed signals hundreds of feet over a single copper cable or up to 1,000 feet via dual fiber strands.

“DigitalMedia is much more than just a switcher; it’s a complete solution that includes cables, wall plates, transmitters, receivers and switchers with a variety of input and output cards for any installation,” explains Vincent Bruno, Crestron Director of Marketing. “DM is the only solution that allows you to add digital sources and displays to analog systems without replacing installed equipment.”

For a total custom installation solution, Crestron offers a complete range of professional AV interface cables and wall plates. Additionally, Crestron provides an easy-to-use, online DigitalMedia Switcher Configuration Tool to its integrators, streamlining configuration and automatically generating a bill of materials, including input and output cards, cables, and other peripherals.