Wren helps Texas schools through TCPN partnership

State's schools among highest in country tapping benefits from cooperative purchasing network

Schools Taught to Be Self-Reliant, Proactive With IP Video Increase their ROI

To help schools address their needs for safe learning environments while balancing difficult budget outlooks, Wren trains its education customers to be self-reliant and proactive with their use of video technologies, generally used by most schools to keep students safe on campus. However, when compared to analog video (VCR-era technology), schools can increase their return on investment (ROI) with network video by proactively using it for operational and security purposes in addition to leveraging its integration capabilities with existing technologies.

Wren’s school solutions also include installation and training services, giving school administrators the power to maintain and expand their security systems. Customers appreciate this sense of partnership and also the option provided by Wren to achieve self-sufficiency and, ultimately, cost savings with their products. For example, Water Valley was able to save on installation costs by sending Ditmore to Wren’s training program in Jefferson City, Missouri.

“As a provider of IP video and access control solutions to the education market, Wren is pleased to be able to continue serving Texas schools in a time of economic crisis. We enjoy working with TCPN to offer the best pricing, quick implementation, and assurance to schools they are purchasing top quality video equipment,” continued Wren.

To learn more about Wren's education offerings, including new access control solutions and Encapsulon Assessment, a new web-based tool that helps administrators and school resource officers assess potential security and safety risks, contact Wren at 1-800-881-2249 or visit www.wrensolutions.com.