Boch Automotive rolls out Intransa surveillance solution

New England-based auto dealer upgrades surveillance system storage

SAN JOSE, Calif. & NORWOOD, Mass. -- Intransa, the leader in video data management and retention solutions for physical security, today announced it has been selected by Boch Automotive, a leading northeast automotive group, to upgrade the company’s surveillance systems.

Boch Automotive is a premier automotive group, dedicated to providing exceptional sales and service. As the number one Toyota dealer in New England as well as the region’s only Subaru, Ferrari and Maserati distributorship, and the number one Honda dealer in the United States, Boch has a complex and extremely valuable retail inventory to protect, in addition to customers, personnel, parts and facilities.

“With one comprehensive solution, we were able to immediately address the growing risk of theft and loss, while providing increased coverage, improved image quality, longer retention times and greater reliability,” said Ernie Boch, Jr., CEO and president of Boch Enterprises. “We’ve also been able to drive better accuracy for investigations and claims, while delivering tangible business value.”

Prior to upgrading to the surveillance system, architected and installed by CC-Teknologies with Intransa video retention, Milestone Systems video management system, and Arecont Vision IP cameras, Boch’s analog CCTV surveillance systems were no longer able to meet the demands of the high profile automotive group.

In the past, the company had experienced the theft of costly vehicle parts, components and accessories and that, in addition to the volume of vehicular and pedestrian traffic on the Boch lots, required a deeper look at minor collisions and other personal claims. The existing analog cameras delivered sparse coverage, fuzzy images, and had limited retention capacity for video analytics and incident replay. Reliability issues of the DVRs used in the CCTV systems also proved to be a growing challenge for Boch.
Integrator CC-Teknologies, a member of the Intransa StorPartner program, provided a complete, cost-effective solution which supports the new Ferrari store as well as the existing Toyota, Subaru, Rentals and New To You locations in Norwood, MA and Honda and Toyota South in North Attleboro, MA.

To improve video coverage and image quality, CC-Teknologies installed over one hundred Arecont Vision 5 megapixel and Arecont Vision 180 Degree megapixel IP cameras, supported by Intransa video data management and retention platforms with an initial capacity of 142 terabytes (TB). A standalone network designed and implemented by CC-Teknologies using Bosch Fibre Optic modules supports the deployment. The Milestone XProtect Enterprise video management system, running on four commodity platforms with eight VMware virtual servers, provides a new level of video management and control to meet Boch’s needs for both live stream monitoring and video archiving capabilities. Milestone Systems, Arecont Vision and Bosch products are among the more than 150 physical security, imaging, and technology solutions that have been certified for risk-free integration by the Intransa StorAlliance Technology Labs.

Three Intransa video data management and systems each provide 39TB of non-stop video retention and instant playback for Boch, while a fourth provides 25TB. The Intransa retention systems can be further expanded modularly when needed, without halting recording, to meet Boch’s future requirements for increased recording capacity for additional IP cameras, extended video retention periods or support for new applications.

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