Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin deploys DVTel solution

Company’s iSOC to provide comprehensive security, support patient care

Current camera coverage is in the standard areas—perimeters, entrances, parking facilities—but with the new construction Thiel wants surveillance deeper into his facilities to monitor all pharmacy areas and to provide a more comprehensive surveillance picture of the hospital’s large campus. The future for Thiel and his team will continue to be exciting and challenging. A recent theft in the hospital taught him that "we want better and better image quality, and the good news is we have the platform for it. Success for us has to do with the interface. We have to have the capability for a large number of people to get meaningful information from what is essentially a data collection system. Three years after initial deployment, we’re still learning how to get more out of the system. We learn new things every day and that’s the fun part."

In addition to video surveillance further into each facility and throughout the campus, and cameras used to improve patient care, Thiel is looking to achieve detailed image resolution in order to ensure excellent facial recognition for all visitors and “casino level” detail in pharmacy areas. Future plans also call for surveillance of roadways to manage traffic volumes and integrating access control onto the DVTel platform.