Honeywell cameras integrate Pixim technology

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.- October 21, 2008-Pixim, a leading provider of image sensors and processors for enterprise security cameras, announced that its Digital Pixel System technology has been incorporated into Honeywell's new HD4U ultra wide dynamic fixed mini-dome camera.

"With Pixim's Digital Pixel System technology, our new camera is ideally suited for a wide variety of applications with high-contrast or changing lighting conditions, both indoors and outdoors," said Mike Scirica, director of product marketing, Honeywell Systems Group. "The all-digital Pixim technology delivers the widest dynamic range, automatically avoiding both underexposure and overexposure within a scene. As a result, the captured image is more accurate and therefore much more useful as a security tool."

"The HD4U mini-dome camera provides an excellent example of what camera makers can achieve by incorporating Pixim's Digital Pixel System technology into their products," said John Monti, vice president of marketing and business development, Pixim. "In addition to Pixim's wide dynamic range, the Honeywell camera adds other important features that further enhance its security value."

The HD4U mini-dome camera uses a Pixim Orca image sensor, which delivers 102dB (typical) dynamic range, enough to retain accurate exposure even in scenes of both full sunlight and dark shadows. (For comparison, analog CCD cameras have a dynamic range on the order of 48dB, which is 100 to 200 times poorer than with the all-digital Pixim Orca sensor. These other cameras therefore are forced to trade off between over- and under-exposure in high-contrast scenes.)

The new Honeywell camera is available in both NTSC and PAL versions. It is similar in look and feel to the company's HD4 series and comes standard with a wider-than-normal field of view (FOV) lens (2.8mm to 10mm at f1.4) that is also IR-corrected Vari-focal Auto Iris (VFAI) True Day/Night. The lens automatically switches to black and white in low-light environments and to night mode in darkness, to maintain sharp images in all light levels.

Seven application-specific presets on the HD4U camera make it easy for installers or end users to optimize the camera for loading docks, ATMs and lobbies; for capturing full-scene images either indoors or outdoors; and for avoiding spot glare in situations including license plate reading and gaming environments. Additional controls provide easy setup and maintenance of color saturation, brightness, sharpness and resolution.

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