Crossbeam to secure Temple University's communication network

BOXBOROUGH, Mass.,Oct. 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Crossbeam Systems, Inc., the leading provider of next-generation security platforms for high-performance networks, today announced that Temple University has deployed Crossbeam's X-Series Next Generation Security Platform to secure campus-wide communications, including its 36,000-plus student body as well as administration, faculty and staff. Specifically, Crossbeam provides a flexible and scalable security platform to support the increasing volumes and spikes in network traffic as well as high-bandwidth multimedia services that place enormous demands on the network.

"We need a security infrastructure that can scale as needed and facilitate the increasing use of popular multimedia-based services for teaching, research and everyday communications," said Adam Ferrero, executive director of Network Services, Temple University. "Crossbeam provides the only platform on the market that allows us to deploy the security applications of our choice, at the 10 Gigabit speeds we require, to protect users without sacrificing performance."

Temple University selected Crossbeam after a recent evaluation made it clear that the university's current infrastructure would not effectively support its security requirements over the next five to 10 years. According to Ferrero, the installed network switches and security applications operated fine under normal traffic loads, but when stressed during spikes or peak hours of use, performance suffered and jeopardized the user experience. Temple wanted to solve the problem before the Fall 2008 semester began.

"The main criterion was our ability to deploy the industry's best firewall and intrusion prevention systems on a single architecture that could grow with our needs, without having to overhaul our network for each incremental change," added Ferrero.

Crossbeam is the only security provider that met every one of Ferrero's requirements. Only Crossbeam can support both Check Point's VSX virtualized firewall and IBM's Proventia Network IPS on its chassis while meeting throughput speeds of 10 Gbps - a combination that no other vendor delivers.

"Crossbeam looks at security as a network issue, since it must perform seamlessly in highly complex, multi-vendor environments. Our goal is not to push customers in any one direction, but rather to facilitate their choice of security applications and enable them to operate at optimal levels," said Jim Freeze, Crossbeam's chief marketing officer. "Customers are not locked into any single solution - an important factor for Temple University - and can leverage our platform to consolidate entire network segments onto a single chassis and dynamically allocate firewall, IPS and other security resources according to traffic demands. This is how our customers are realizing the benefits of security virtualization."

Crossbeam enables customers to consolidate their security infrastructure on a scalable, carrier-class security platform that virtualizes the delivery of best-of-breed security applications. The X-Series is the highest-performing security platform, tested to wire-line rates of 40 Gbps with ultra-low latency, providing unprecedented levels of scale and flexibility to support the security requirements of large enterprise and carrier networks. Customers use the X-Series to protect their internal networks and deliver a new generation of virtualized services such as firewall, VPN and intrusion prevention, while reducing the cost and complexity of security deployment within their data centers.