Pinnacle Security to market Image Sensor

OREM, UT--(Marketwire - May 2, 2011) - Pinnacle Security, a leader in the residential security industry, today announced it is the first to market the Image Sensor, a motion-activated security sensor that incorporates a built-in camera and transmits via a cellular connection. This new device offers mobile accessibility to Pinnacle's customers in the United States, available beginning May 2011.

Leveraging's newest platform technology, the camera detects motion in the home and takes pictures, allowing the device to not only detect motion in a home but to take photographs of what it "sees" when triggered.

"We're pleased to be the first to offer the Image Sensor across the country, in partnership with," said Kelly Walker, CEO, Pinnacle Security. "By continuing to innovate and provide best-in-class technology and features to complement our industry-leading customer service, we provide an affordable and advanced portfolio of home security solutions our customers can trust."

Placed anywhere a motion sensor might typically be mounted, the Image Sensor will not only detect motion but will also automatically upload an image of a potential intruder to the Pinnacle Mobile Control interface. These alarm-triggered images are then forwarded to user's cell phones by text message or email. The Image Sensor also captures pictures of the first in-property event after the security system is disarmed from Armed Away. This novel capability allows the property owner to literally see the person who just disarmed their system on their iPhone, BlackBerry, Android device, the web, or any device accepting MMS messages. Customers can also remotely request on-demand images at any time to keep track of children at home, pets left alone during the work day, an elderly parent or even a vacation property.

"The Image Sensor is a simple, uncomplicated solution that provides another pair eyes within the home or business," said Steve Trundle, President and CEO, "By fusing a robust image processing engine into a completely wireless device that is smaller than a standard motion detector, we are able to provide a window that allows the user to maintain a persistent awareness of what is happening at their property. Pinnacle is a trusted partner and we look forward to continue working with them to help protect the things that our customers hold most dear."

Pinnacle Security will immediately launch the Image Sensor to markets within the United States.