ClearPix trains installers and users

LIBERTY, MO. – ClearPix Technology, Liberty, Mo., recently held a training session for its customers who are security dealers, systems integrators and end users.

"As a result of the training, ClearPix is now our lead line for high-end camera systems," said Bob Scales of Safeguard Alarms LLC about attending the session. "Now that we have our demo up and running, that makes the sales presentation much more effective. I did my first demo yesterday, and it looks like we have a sale. I will know next week if they can work the system into their budget or not. Thanks for a great training session."

Jon Brady, director of safety and security for the North Kansas City School District, also found the session helpful. "I was able to network with other schools and commercial people to hear what works for them," he said.

The day-long session was hosted by ClearPix Technology and featured presentations by Buddy Mason, owner of ClearPix, Liberty, Mo.; Lawrence Leiker, ClearPix business development manager; Jay Guinan, ClearPix technical representative for video; Mark Cowart of Power Protection Products; Eddie Reynolds of Illuminar; and Curt Coolidge, Western U.S. sales manager for ClearPix.

Guinan explained ClearPix’s systems design while Cowart discussed power management products. Leiker and Guinan told attendees about security camera capabilities. Reynolds discussed illumination for video, and Coolidge explained security software and server and client setup.

Cowart noted how uninterruptible power supplies operate and filled attendees in on their use. Guinan talked about local and wide area networks, bandwidth issues and transmission and power over Ethernet requirements. Leiker explained camera resolution and imaging. Reynolds pointed out how critical proper illumination is to the quality of video images received.

The day highlighted the special capabilities of ClearPix technology in system set-up, high resolution imaging and client use. ClearPix holds the sessions to explain in full detail to its current and prospective customers and users the special advantages of ClearPix Technology.

Many cameras offered by ClearPix Technology feature a remote zoom and auto focus tool for easy installation. The installer can literally hang the camera; point it to the area that needs to be covered; return to the head end; and zoom all the cameras into their desired shot. The cameras then will auto-focus themselves. This feature alone will save installers hours of valuable install time and eliminates the hassle of being on a ladder with an expensive laptop to dial in the camera. The cameras also have three-year warranties.