Supercircuits announces new DVRs

Austin, TX April 27, 2011 – These new high performance 4, 8, and 16 channel digital video recorders come packed with features, including all of the standard benefits of H.264 quadraplex functionality such as longer record times, improved remote monitoring, and better compression ratios.

Other advanced features include high-definition resolution, D1 recording across all channels, 4 audio inputs with synchronized audio, and the ability to quickly expand the storage capacity of your hard drive with the built-in eSATA port.

The BLK-DH2 series DVRs include bandwidth throttling – an advanced feature not offered by most digital video recorders on the market today.

"Bandwidth throttling automatically adjusts the bandwidth output of the network signal from the DVR up or down, depending on your network requirements, to reduce the data load on your local network connection," explained Norman Ragland, Product Manager for Supercircuits. "This smart management feature ensures that you have optimal bandwidth load on your network and prevents any unnecessary network lag; optimizing the impact on your network through your DVR."

This DVR also has several tools for you to access and manage your video from anywhere. The included CMS software has several options to fit your video management needs – browser based access, single client management and multi-client management.

The browser based access allows you to watch and control your video over the internet – no software required. Our convenient iPhone and Android apps are trouble-free to use and make video management on-the-go a snap.

You can easily access, offload, and control video, audio and alarm signals from your DVR as well as control PTZ cameras and manage event setup. The mouse-driven, user-friendly GUI interface features optimized design for ease of use, and allows you to configure your DVR in less than one minute.

Key Features

- High-def Resolution Up to D1 recording on all channels
- Synchronized Audio Capture court admissible audio evidence
- External Storage Add more storage capacity with built-in eSATA port
- Bandwidth Throttling Optimize impact on your network through your DVR
- Remote Management via user-friendly, full featured CMS for single- or multi-DVR systems
- Mobile Access via iPhone & Android app, either 3G or WiFi options!
- Easy Offload via DVD, network & USB