Codebench, Mercury Security, Quintron and Farpointe Data create high-assurance reader consortium

COCONUT CREEK, Fla. — (April 21, 2011) Codebench, Inc., the leading provider of TWIC / HSPD-12 / FIPS-201 authentication and physical access control middleware, announced today that it has teamed up with Mercury Security, Quintron Systems, Inc., and Farpointe Data to create a consortium that will provide the market with a high assurance and fully integrated PKI at the Door solution.

The business partnership brings together Codebench’s PKI at the Door technology with Mercury Security’s Open Access Platform; Quintron’s AccessNsite, multiplatform access control management software, and Farpointe Data’s reader technology. This partnership marks a significant paradigm shift in how physical access control is used as part of a personal identity verification (PIV) solution by locating the identity verification process logic at the control panel instead of at the unsecured side of the door.

"Together, we’re closing a major loophole in the ID verification process by providing the market with a complete, high assurance credentialing solution," said Geri Castaldo, CEO of Codebench, Inc. "The consortium’s ‘Authenticard’ solution is designed to provide the government market with a fully integrated PKI at the Door solution."

To create a properly implemented high assurance card reader, or PKI at the Door solution, seamless integration is required between the physical access control system (PACS), the reader, the controller and also the middleware software that validates and continuously checks the revocation status of the card.

By working together, Codebench, Mercury Security, Quintron and Farpointe Data are able to provide the market with a high assurance solution that validates the card each time the card is presented to gain access, and locates the validation logic and technology at the control panel to provide a more secure process. The Authenticard solution also encrypts communication between the card reader and the panel.

"Our combined technology approach will streamline the access control installation by eliminating extraneous hardware and provide flexibility in assigning threat level per entry way, while enhancing user experience on identity presentation," said Frank Gasztonyi, CTO and co-founder of Mercury Security.

"All of our products are configured to work together and are capable of reading all the FIPS-201 PIV credentials," said Scott Lindley, President of Farpointe Data.

According to Rick Finnegan, Vice President and General Manager of Quintron Systems, the partnership strengthens the company’s focus of providing a fully functional solution at the door to the government market.