Napco launches full data wireless alarm communicator

Napco has introduced its full data wireless alarm communicator with telephone line connection and monitoring. Our new StarLink Full Data (SL-1FD-T) features superior performance and easier installation for primary or backup alarm reporting, saving time and money on installation costs. Universally compatible, StarLink Full Data supports all alarm panel brands using Contact ID and 4/2 formats.

Our wireless backup reporting radio uses the GPRS data channel of GSM Networks for affordable, dependable, high-speed alarm communications. Our device requires no additional central station equipment and is supported by an extensive nationwide network (SIM card included). Each unit connects to and monitors your phone line. When StarLink Full Data is used as a backup system, it transmits alarm events wirelessly when telco fails, eliminating duplicate reporting confusion and reporting fees.

StarLink Full Data may be used as a primary alarm communicator. Activation, programming and signal verification is accessible 24-hours a day via telephone or online at or Each unit continually monitor’s itself for optimal performance and reliability and transmits alarm reports to any central station supporting standard formats, i.e., contact ID or 4/2. An ultra-compact, rugged aluminum enclosure accepts standard 1/2” EMT for wiring protection and standard 3/8” recessed magnetic contact for tamper-proof protection. A durable antenna provides RFI protection while EMI-/RFI-shielded electronics ensures dependability. For peace of mind that signal-strength is working maximally during power up, each unit includes an LED indicator on a scale of 1 to 5. What’s more, low standby current (

To learn more about our new StarLink Full Data (SL-1FD-T), please visit: add 12 months of service or renew your contract, call our Customer Service Department at 1-800-645-9445 and specify "SL-1SVC-1YR."