Quintron announces new contracts for STRATCOM customers

Santa Maria, CA (March 24, 2009) - Quintron Systems, the recognized leader in advanced interoperable voice systems and physical access control/intrusion detection systems, is pleased to announce that the innovative DICES IV multi-level secure audio solution, first delivered to USSTRATCOM at Offutt AFB and approved for operation by DISA in January 2006, has been selected for similar applications at three Air National Guard sites around the country. The original system was designed to integrate different security level audio sources into a single user interface and headset. This DICES IV product enhancement was selected for the new Global Operations Center built for STRATCOM in 2005.

The first of these ANG sites is in Tennessee, where a DICES IV system was delivered in late 2006, with system expansion in 2007, and an entire second system installed in 2008.

In late 2007, another contract was received for DICES IV systems at ANG sites in Kansas and Idaho, with delivery of both in December 2007. Since that period, a 50% expansion contract for the Kansas site was received and shipped in October 2008.

A new contract just received provides for a 50% expansion for the Kansas ANG site and a third expansion for the Offutt AFB prime site. This expansion at Offutt AFB will incorporate another system design adaptation, which provides double the original number of external audio inputs at the user station, from six to twelve.

“We are very pleased at the continuous order input for our STRATCOM system design and its acceptance at the three ANG sites for similar mission requirements,” stated David E. Wilhite, Quintron Vice President and General Manager. “This is clear testimony to the efficiency and performance of our entire company, from the original design adaptations that met the user requirements so well, to the expedited deliveries we have been able to achieve for the follow-on expansion orders.”

The innovative multi-level audio controls introduced in these DICES IV systems have also been incorporated into the DICES VoIP product that will be demonstrated at the Quintron exhibit at the DISA show at booth #1016. This demonstration will include full integration of telephones and radios, all in active operation on the show floor.

For more information about Quintron solutions, call 805.928.4343 or go to www.quintron.com.