Bosch enhances its GVS1000 long-range imaging system

FAIRPORT, N.Y. – Bosch Security Systems, Inc. announces a new configuration for the GVS1000 – the industry’s longest-range active-infrared system – that facilitates easier integration with Bosch head-end solutions.

With support for Bosch’s Bi-Phase protocol, customers can now control the GVS1000 with the Divar, DiBos series of digital recorders, as well as the Bosch video management and VIDOS systems. Coupling the advanced day/night, pan/tilt/zoom system with high-performance Bosch head-end solutions makes it possible for customers to seamlessly manage GVS1000 video streams alongside images from other cameras.

The GVS1000 uses two sets of active infrared illuminators for both long and medium-to-short range nighttime imaging. The system provides full Detection, Classification, Recognition and Identification (DCRI) capabilities and enables early threat detection in low light or total darkness. With the GVS1000, customers can see fine details, including clothing or letters, at 3,300 feet (one kilometer) for recognition-level imaging and get 3,900 feet (1,200 meters) of classification-level imaging.

Equipped with advanced optics, the GVS1000 includes an IR-corrected long-range lens capable of 60x optical zoom and uses the Bosch Dinion sensor to produce detailed images at far distances in day and night conditions. This exceptional long-range imaging is critical for environments, such as maritime and port monitoring, defense facilities, large area and extended perimeter protection, where it is often not possible to install the camera near the subject of surveillance.

Designed for precise imaging in any outdoor environment, the system also features a weatherproof housing and integrated wiper for reliable performance in tough conditions.

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