Powers International solution to be part of container security initiative

BELMONT, N.C., Jan. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Powers International, LLC announced today that its Powers-Secured Satellite System (PSSS) will be a core component of a new European-Asian container security initiative.

Powers International has entered a joint-venture with European Datacomm (EDC) and Trade-Route in Beijing, China, for the installation and exploitation of a full-service platform for a container tracing and tracking device called EDC-76.

Currently patented in 33 countries, Powers International's PSSS is a core component of the global EDC-76 system that consists of end-to-end security and supply chain optimization to monitor and control global container movements. This unique service and partnership addresses world-wide logistics requirements while ensuring container integrity, accelerating container processing and offering significant cost-savings.

Considered a "smart container," EDC-76 does the following:

  • provides location and status information about the container from origin-to-destination;
  • identifies electronically the authorized personnel packing and securing the container and unsealing the container;
  • detects and reports any breach in any part of the container;
  • reports inside environment of the container throughout its carriage;
  • reports diversions from designated trade routes; and
  • works with the different logistics software programs used worldwide in order to communicate critical data to optimize a visible supply chain.

The EDC service uses low earth orbit satellites providing global coverage from origin to destination 24/7 to include breach detection, reporting, and verifying, meeting all World Customs Organization (WCO) and UN Single Window standards.

Apart from the use of EDC's Asian service, Trade Route will also coordinate and facilitate trade and Customs relationships with the Chinese Government in general, and more specifically with Chinese Customs.

"The United States, Europe and Asia have the same interests: greater port security and greater efficiencies and visibility in a global supply chain with seamless monitoring and control of the integrity of shipping containers during their voyages," said Dr. Jim Giermanski, Powers International Chairman. "For Asia, this powerful team will provide a solution that meets and enhances those goals and interests."

"The implementation of the EDC system in China is a milestone toward truly world-wide transparency of the container business," said Viny Zhang, CEO of Trade-Route. "And it's the beginning of a revolution in the world of logistics history. Additionally, the benefits are greatly exceeding the costs involved in this operation which is why we foresee a bright future for these applications."

Container security is a global issue, and there must be at least one operational service platform in each continent in order to secure a seamless, chain-of-custody service for the customers. The EDC-76 platform is consistent with new initiatives of the EU Commission, the United States, and the agreement among 169 national Customs Administrations to follow the new Standards Framework of the WCO.

Powers International is also discussing cooperative arrangements with Astrium a division of EADS (AIRBUS) in Europe and Raytheon in the United States as potential users of the PSSS.