Proximex announces Surveillint 6.0

LAS VEGAS -- Proximex, the leader in event and information management for both physical and logical security markets, announced today that it is developing a new version of Surveillint, its flagship solution that transforms data from disparate systems into useable, actionable information. Surveillint 6.0 is designed for organizations that need to expand their incident response reach to stakeholders and agencies as well as unite physical security and business operations. Surveillint 6.0 has many new and enhanced capabilities that improve information sharing and enhance collaboration with appropriate teams, raise the level of incident management to operational alerts and expand communications with mobile devices. Proximex will demonstrate Surveillint at the 2011 ISC West conference in booth #22101.

"As the PSIM industry matures, companies realize that incidents can span organizational boundaries, so their physical security systems become a part of the overall solution."

"As the PSIM industry matures, companies realize that incidents can span organizational boundaries, so their physical security systems become a part of the overall solution," said Larry Lien, vice president of product management for Proximex. "When physical security systems are integrated with IT security, facilities management and business operations, the data amassed from this complete solution needs to be managed and shared with outside stakeholders and agencies. Surveillint 6.0 raises the bar by effectively managing all of the information to help customers improve business operations, lower systems training costs and reduce risk."

Surveillint 6.0 now supports Collaboration 2.0 technologies to facilitate two-way communication between various internal and external resources. External resources may include first responders, facilities, operations and emergency groups that are involved in initial assessment and response to incidents and issues. Examples of two-way communication in Surveillint 6.0 are instant messaging, incident and remote video sharing, posting messages and notifications.

Surveillint 6.0 also has new incident management functionality that supports general operational alerts for facilities and operations events. For example, facilities incidents, like a water main break or a power outage, or operational incidents, such as an aircraft down, would trigger operational alerts through Surveillint's user interface. Companies can associate appropriate business logic policies and response tasks with operational alerts.

Mobile device support is expanded in Surveillint 6.0. PocketSurveillint was the industry's first PSIM mobile solution to reach officers in the field. Version 6.0 now offers a mobile web version of PocketSurveillint to extend communications from the Security Operations Center (SOC) to remote individuals and mobile first responders. Because PocketSurveillint is a mobile web app, incident notifications and information can be delivered to first responders, located on scene, in the forms of alert details, notes, response tasks and maps that can be updated in real-time and shared between PocketSurveillint and the SOC. PocketSurveillint supports any mobile device with Internet access, including the iPhone, BlackBerry and Android platforms.

Surveillint 6.0 has several other key features for outside stakeholders and uniting business-level operations with physical security. Surveillint Web Access is now expanded to allow remote users, such as executive management, outside agencies or advisors, to view alert information and video while monitoring a specific environment or incident. This view shows alert lists and details along with camera video. Version 6.0 also gives organizations enriched situational control by giving officers the ability to graphically add resources, notes and figures directly on the Surveillint map as incidents unfold. Finally, Surveillint can now help track several different types of resources, including "blue force" objects (police and emergency response vehicles) and first responders that have GPS, RFID or other tracking mechanisms.

Surveillint 6.0 will be available in Q3 2011.