Proximex announces Surveillint 6.0

PSIM solution unites physical security and business operations

Surveillint 6.0 has several other key features for outside stakeholders and uniting business-level operations with physical security. Surveillint Web Access is now expanded to allow remote users, such as executive management, outside agencies or advisors, to view alert information and video while monitoring a specific environment or incident. This view shows alert lists and details along with camera video. Version 6.0 also gives organizations enriched situational control by giving officers the ability to graphically add resources, notes and figures directly on the Surveillint map as incidents unfold. Finally, Surveillint can now help track several different types of resources, including "blue force" objects (police and emergency response vehicles) and first responders that have GPS, RFID or other tracking mechanisms.

Surveillint 6.0 will be available in Q3 2011.