TeleEye announces seven new 'ultra-high resolution' camera models

TeleEye introduces seven new ultra-high resolution camera models: DF166, DF266, DF296, SF376, SF396, SF487S and SF487T in response to the demand for higher resolution analog video surveillance solution. The wide variety in camera specification have allowed these cameras to be deployed in different applications.

Featuring new 1/3" Sony CCD

DF166, DF266, DF296, SF376 and SF396 feature with a 1/3" Sony 960H CCD with 680 TVL horizontal resolution. SF487S and SF487T also feature with a 1/3" Sony CCD with 600TVL ultra-high horizontal resolution. Comparing with conventional analog cameras which offer 480 / 540 TVL horizontal resolution, the new cameras can provide higher video quality and more details in video for identification.

Configuring the camera through OSD Menu

TeleEye latest ultra-high resolution camera series have added the feature of OSD menu. You can configure the camera directly through the OSD menu, such as setting the brightness, contrast and privacy mask function, etc.

About TeleEye Group

With over 15 years of research and design experience in signal processing, TeleEye Group is engaged in the development, sales and marketing of a full range of hi-tech CCTV and digital surveillance equipment. The Group is listed in Hong Kong (SEHK:8051) and has rapidly grown to become a dynamic world-class supplier of remote visual CCTV systems with extensive application in various industries. The Group’s Quality Management System is ISO 9001:2008 certified. We are committed to continuous improvement on product quality and standard. The Group has offices in China, Singapore, United Kingdom, Croatia, Mauritius, the Philippines, South Africa, Sri Lanka and Macau together with an extensive distribution network in over 20 countries worldwide.